Danny Tamberell

Daniel Joseph Tamberelli (born February 8, 1982) is an American actor, comedian and musician. He portrayed Little Pete in The Adventures of Pete & Pete from 1989 to 1995,
Tamberelli’s first performance was in a Huggies commercial, according to a 1994 interview.  His first regular television role, at age 4, was as Sean Novak on the ABC daytime soap opera Ryan’s Hope. He originally appeared from 1986 to 1987, when his character, along with his on-screen parents, were written off the show. However, he returned to the role in the fall of 1988 when the Novak family was brought back, to help close up storylines in preparation for the Ryan’s Hope finale in January 1989.

Afterwards, Tamberelli played Jackie Rodowsky on the television series The Baby-Sitters Club. It was around this time that he was cast as Little Pete Wrigley on The Adventures of Pete & Pete, which first began as a series of 60-second shorts on Nickelodeon in 1989. After progressing to a batch of specials, Pete & Pete became a regular half-hour sitcom in 1993, and brought Tamberelli more recognition. During his time in the show, he met the musicians Iggy Pop and Mark Mulcahy, who inspired him to become a musician too; Iggy would teach him how to play the song T.V. Eye (from The Stooges’ album Fun House) on bass in between breaks, when Tamberelli was 11.  Around that time he provided the voice for Arnold in The Magic School Bus, as well as appearing in the films Igby Goes Down and The Mighty Ducks. He was also on Nickelodeon’s All That and Figure It Out, and guest starred in the Space Cases episode “All You Can Eaty”.  In the 2013 video game Grand Theft Auto V, he provided the voice and physical inspiration for Jimmy Townley/Jimmy De Santa.

Tamberelli in October 2008
Tamberelli is the bassist and vocalist for the rock band Jounce, formed in Northern New Jersey. They started in the early 2000s as a jazz funk quartet, but their sound later evolved into “90s music-inspired post-punk”. They released an eponymous debut album on July 18, 2006, followed by their sophomore effort, These Things on March 31, 2009. The EP titled Meet Me in the Middle was released digitally on April 4, 2011.[citation needed] As of 2016, the only remaining members from the original formation were Tamberelli and childhood friend and guitarist Matt DeSteno.  Tamberelli was also the bassist for the folk/pop band Every Good Boy.

In 2013, he started a podcast with former The Adventures of Pete and Pete co-star Michael C. Maronna.He is also a founding member of the sketch comedy group Manboobs, along with Jeremy Balon. He also made a guest appearance on the podcasts “The Comedy Button” and “The Indoor Kids”.