Dealer’s list

Divine Card Shop

We’ll be bringing graded cards, singles, and sealed product. We will be buying, selling, and trading! Emphasis on BUYING!

245 Sports Cards

We are from Mount Holly North Carolina. We have HGA, SGC and PSA Slabs, Basketball and Football. Specifically, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, but many more as well. Also, wax boxes and other cards. We are one of the biggest card dealers in Gaston County, NC.

Cardguys615 | (Instagram handle)

I will have a mix of PSA & SGC graded cards, new & older sealed wax packs & boxes & raw cards.

Robbins Sports Cards

Modern and vintage sports cards

Sisk Brothers Trading

We specialize in graded slabs, And sealed retail and ungraded unique cards

The Jersey Card

Here at The Jersey Card, we have taken our love for Sports Cards and Collecting and created an enlarged one of a kind Jersey Card Artwork to display at your home or business. Show off your favorite player and your love for sports cards with this one of a kind collectable artwork!



Paul Longbottom

Robert Browning

Colton Thompson

Robert Browning

Sean Crowell

Jacob Bauman

Tim Coffey

Shane Miller

Billy Mays

Matthew Ransom

Randy Driskill

Alexander Ericson

Frank DelPrete

Timothy Dennis

Eric Rowland

Michael Hinkle

Danny Turner

Luis Veras Landron

Mickey Swain

Alexander Taylor

David Hutchins

Jason MacDonald

Shaheen Shabrou

Ryan Van Oost

Dale Roberson