Matthew Doherty

Matthew Doherty (born June 22, 1978, in Harvey, Illinois) is an American actor

He is best known for playing the roles of Lester Averman in The Mighty Ducks trilogy (although in D1 he is referred to as Dave Averman) and William “Heed” MacKenzie in So I Married An Axe Murderer.

Doherty had a role on the TV series Boston Public, in which he shared the screen with Northwestern alum Jeri Ryan. He did a commercial in which he parodied the sound-effect featured on The Six Million Dollar Man. He is then corrected by Lee Majors, who played the title character. Doherty is also set to return to the screen, alongside The Mighty Ducks co-star Emilio Estevez once again as Les Averman, in the Disney+ serial reboot of the movies, The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers.